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In this workshop, we will review some of Jesus' teachings on the Holy Spirit and ways of applying those instructions in our lives. We will also seek to be obedient to his desire for us, "Receive the Holy Spirit," while we are gathered together. The message is clear. We too need the in-filling of the Holy Spirit to empower the ministries God gives us.

Rev. John Rice has taught and preached on Jesus’ healing ministry in churches and OSL groups throughout the United States For over 30 years. In 2012, John left parish ministry (Episcopal) in response to God’s call to focus more on healing prayer ministry. John is the creator of a DVD teaching series, “Equipping the Saints for Jesus’ Healing Ministry.” John and his wife, Debra, live in Leicester, NC.  Family life, a small flower farm, and a little fishing keep John well occupied when home.



Charles Kraft, in his book Two Hours to Freedom with a foreword by Francis and Judith MacNutt, outlines a simple and effective model for healing and deliverance.  Kraft uses the analogy of garbage and rats.  If you get rid of the rats without addressing the garbage, the rats come back. This workshop will briefly describe Kraft’s approach and give examples of its application and impact.

Rich Gartrell grew up in Brazil where his parents were Presbyterian missionaries for 30 years. At 18, he left Brazil to attend Wheaton College where he met his future wife, Mary. After graduation he entered the Army, serving as an Infantry Officer and as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam.  Rich and Mary have six children, two of them in full time Christian work. Rich has done over 500 healing prayer and deliverance sessions, and been teaching, encouraging, and coaching others.



This workshop focuses attention on our Redeemer God who gives us HOPE. He not only redeems us by saving our eternal souls, He also redeems circumstances in our daily lives. He takes bad things and brings good out of them. He takes losses and turns them into gains. We will look at several biblical examples that illustrate this truth and conclude the workshop with a time of reflection using The Examen, an Ignatian spiritual exercise.

Rev. Owen Lovejoy has been involved in ministry for many years. He currently oversees a mission to Honduras and offers spiritual direction. Owen loves to teach, especially on two topics: spiritual formation (the journey to the heart of God) and inductive Bible study (better understanding the Word of God). Owen and his wife, Anita, live in the mountains of North Carolina where they love to hike, grow flowers and hug grandchildren.



As we walk in the Presence of God, we find a shift in the atmosphere both around us and within us. Pressing in to God draws us into a deeper relationship with Him where we rest in the truth that we are His beloved children, cherished and adored by Him. It is in His Presence, immersed in His love, that we are healed and restored, and are able to take His Presence with us, bringing His light and love into the environment we live in. Come away with us to a time of refreshment, refilling and renewal in the Presence of God.

Ditsie Scobie  After teaching elementary education for 32 years, Ditsie felt that God was calling her out of elementary school teaching and into full time prayer ministry and teaching about healing prayer. Her mission now is to encourage and equip people in the healing ministry, and to bring people freedom and healing from the wounds of their past. She has been a member of OSL for 25 years and is presently serving as the OSL Region 3 Director and Convener of the Prince of Peace OSL Healing Community.



What would our world look like today if the body of Christ had continued Jesus’ healing ministry as He envisioned it? Caleb and Joshua were amazed by the huge grapes in the Promised Land, but others told scary stories about giants. Are we focused on the fruitful harvest of healing? Or are we scared of the giants? We will imagine what the fruit of healing will look (and taste) like; we’ll name and describe the giants that have kept the church from fully enjoying the fruit of Jesus’ healing. We will pray for an impartation of courage to trust God heals today. The Holy Spirit will show us the next steps – and we will bless each other to take them with great joy and courage!

Dr. Elizabeth Allen is a pediatrician who wants more churches to “do the good stuff” and offer healing prayer. She serves on the OSL North American Board because she believes that OSL is on the vanguard of reawakening the healing ministry of Jesus in the body of Christ. She nurtures spirited intercessory prayer for healing ministry with the prayer poems and creative prayer “labs” she writes for the OSL Cycle of Prayer. Her goal is to make powerful prayer fun! Elizabeth and Warren’s family has recently grown to eight with the birth of their first grandson



As we pray for healing, we first listen to God.  Learn about different ways we hear from Him.

As we pray for healing, we also need to listen to the person(s) we are praying for.  Learn how to hear what they say, as well as what they are not saying.  As we pray in a group, learn how to listen together.

Mary Ellen Connors

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